Well, I’ve threatened to do this for some time now. My first blog, dedicated to my adventures in cooking, though who knows if I’ll keep to the topic or not.

Today I made my first attempt at jam. The idea lodged itself in my head some time ago, and I finally got around to it today. Strawberry-Rhubarb, with a recipe from A Cat in the Kitchen. The addition of vanilla really appealed to me. It’s a nice twist on a favorite flavor combination. I want to eventually use this in an ice cream, I think it’d be a great mix in. I’m trying it as a freezer jam, since I still haven’t gotten up the nerve to deal with properly canning. Well, at least because I haven’t gotten around to grabbing the rack insert to the big pot i lifted from my mom.

Coming tomorrow: Maybe a nice picture of my jam on some bread. It’s very bright red and a little chunky, which I love. Also, if I clean my kitchen up then I’m planning on attempting to replicate a cookie I’ve lately become obsessed with from Trader Joe’s. It’s a little sablĂ© tart with caramel and chocolate on top. We’ll see how it turns out. Hopefully it’ll be delicious. Well, I’m sure it’ll taste good with that combination, so I guess I hope I can make them pretty and good enough for the perfectionist hiding inside me. I’ll be more detailed with my next post, too.

Thanks for reading!